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Priscilla Cunningham

Artist Statement


I'm sure that I am not unique in trying to do two things at once as an artist.  For the past eighteen years or so, my first love has been the medium of oils.  I truly love the impressionism and the European locales of the early impressionists, and I have tried to interpret oil world European scenes from the many photographs given to me by family and friends and also from photographs I took on my recent trips to Italy.  I have also expanded my work with on location landscapes from the Mid South and an Alaskan trip.  With oils I am always trying to capture a scene, either from photographs or on location, although I may not interpret exactly as the scene appears, and I am always searching for an interpreting scenes that are interesting, beautiful and that I think others might enjoy.


Most of my work with acrylic is much different.  Abstract impressionism comes close to what I am attempting to accomplish with my landscapes and florals.  When in abstract mode, I am striving for a freer form of expression.  I do love to paint with a realistic flair and I draw on my experience of several years in painting oils.  I couldn't have done the freer acrylics form without experience and training in the basics of oil landscapes.


I am still very much searching for my identity as an artist and truly feel that "much of the fun is in the hunt".  I don't know exactly what medium of expression I will be using in ten years - God permitting, but know that I will still be experimenting and loving all of it.

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