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 Welcome to works of art by Priscilla Cunningham.  Under each folder are works available for purchase or pieces that have already sold.  If you have any questions after viewing, go to my contact page and fill out the form and push send.  I will be back in touch with you usually the same day.


Still Lifes


  I  began classes learning to paint still lifes.  Learning shadows and design.  As I progressed I used these skills in painting my landscapes and just experimenting with paint and different products.  I don't paint setups that often but it helps to dabble into everything from time to time.

People, Pets and Feathers

I enjoy adding people to my paintings in an abstract impressionistic way.  If it is a family member you would know who they are but I'm not caught up in the detail.  I have painted several commissions of pets and welcome that opportunity.  Colorful roosters and birds are always in demand and I love painting all sizes.  


 I truly love painting different landscapes.   My creations are in an impressionistic style.  I love color found in nature and try to bring that color to the viewer.  The impressionists like Monet', Renoir, Manet and Degas have greatly influenced my work and style.


Next to painting landscapes I love painting flowers.  I always strive  to add their happiness to my paintings  in order to convey  a feeling of movement or the wind blowing. 

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